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Choose a top rated house painter. Transform the look of your home with a custom paint job from Bartholomew Painting, Inc. We are a locally owned business and have operated for over thirty years in Southern Oregon.

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A quality paint job is one of the most productive things you can do to ensure your business looks its very best. Remember when you hire our team, you are covered by our contractors license and we are properly insured.

When is it Time to Paint Your Home’s Exterior

Is it time to hire a house painter or do you have some more time before it is actually needed? Some paint does last longer than others, but usually the best time to paint is somewhere between five and ten years from the last application. Even if you don’t see signs of paint fatigue, you shouldn’t wait longer than ten years. When your paint starts to fail it isn’t protecting the wood or other wood products under the paint. Paint provides an excellent protective barrier of materials like wood from the sun, wind, water and other factors that can cause decay.

There are signs that you need a new cover of paint for protection. When you are circling your home be on the lookout for cracking, peeling, flaking, fading, discoloration or chalking. Some other signs of deterioration you should also be looking for: is wood rot and is the calking separating from the trim?

Hiring a Painting Contractor

The reason you should hire a licensed house painting contractor is; Oregon law requires anyone who works for compensation in any construction activity involving improvements to real property to be licensed.

Having a painting contractors license requires hours of training and passing an exam to prove your knowledge.

Other good reasons you want to hire a licensed contractor would be that you have better protection if something goes wrong on your property or the job itself. If for some reason you were to hire someone without a license and one of his workers were to get hurt falling off a ladder or some other serious injury, there is huge chance that, that worker would file the injury against the homeowners insurance policy, since his chances of getting proper medical attention are much higher with an insurance company.

Think about this if the above situation happened… Would a business or individual that doesn’t pay for a contractors license be paying for worker compensation insurance? Most likely not, so if his worker gets seriously hurt on your property, you would actually be doing the best thing for the health of that worker to cover his emergency health care expenses. If you have any more questions about contractor licenses, don’t hesitate to call.

Serving the Rogue Valley

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Protect Your Wood Exteriors

At Bartholomew Painting, Inc. we can make your wood finish of your home’s exterior look like new again. Don’t wait another year… years of neglect will cause more damage like rot and decay.

  • Log homes
  • Wood exteriors
  • Sun-faded wood
  • Prevent water damage
  • Highlight wood grain
  • Emphasize wood texture
  • Prevent wood rot

Paint preparation & power washing

For the best results Bartholomew Painting, Inc. recommends your exterior painting service have a clean surface before adhering your paint. Our team is always looking out for your best interests.

  • Full paint removal
  • Concrete cleaning
  • Deep cleaning
  • Siding
  • Bricks
  • Stain removal
  • Dirt removal