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Professional Residential Painter

Are you looking for a professional residential house painter for both the inside and outside of your home? You can be assured that our team of painting specialists at Bartholomew Painting, Inc. will give your home a lasting and beautiful finish.

You can always rely on us for the highest-quality workmanship, competitive prices, and flexible scheduling options making Bartholomew Painting, Inc. the best choice for your residential painting services in Southern Oregon.

Exterior Residential Painter

The exterior of your home takes a lot of abuse and should be inspected by you or someone that you trust to give you a good analysis of the condition. If you have any cracks, peeling, chalking or other signs of your paint failing, it is definitely time for you to get the house painted.

Other things to consider is what type of siding that you have. Certain siding types need more protection than others. If your home is over 30 years old the chances are that it has wood paneling and some of the older paneling is inferior to the newer exterior paneling available today. This is especially true for manufactured homes.

You should also look around your windows and doors for cracks and because the trim around doors and windows is different from the siding it usually will show more wear than that rest of the exterior.

Residential Interior Painter

The interior paint color scheme of your home should work around the types of decor that you display in each room. If you have kids, their rooms should help to inspire them to be happy. When they love their room, hopefully it encourages them to keep it picked up.

Interior paint lasts a long time, so usually the reason someone needs an interior painter is that there was damage to the sheet rock or some other damage like smoke.

You also might be doing a remodel in your home, like your kitchen or bathroom. When you remodel your home, you can trust our team to help match the new cabinets or counters with a great wall color.

Choosing an Exterior Color Pallete for Your Home

We suggest choosing a color palette with three colors, since three colors balance the home with just enough visual interest. Choosing a neutral shade, then add two more tones. There are great home color palette generators online or you can also find popular home color schemes and trends online as well.


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